By sjl
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These programs format output into columns. The programs are from "The Unix Programming Environment" by Kernighan and Pike.
This is an awk program that formats a paragraph. It can be run inside vi. It does some clever things with quoted sections.
This is a superior replacement for 'cut'. I believe that it came from comp.sources.reviewed.
This is a simple enigma-class cypher. It is meant to stop routine evesdropping of email.
A filter that turns an ls directory listing into an HTML list. It is a simple awk program.
A filter that turns formatted nroff documents into HTML.
An awk program that reverses the line order of a file. This is a translation to perl of the similar program from "The Awk Programming Language" by Aho, Weinberger, and Kernighan.
A program that creates shell archives. Also known as GNU shar 4.0.
A program that scans mail messages for shell archives and extracts them. Also from GNU shar 4.0.
A perl program that is similar to the Korn shell command whence. It searches for executable files in the directories specified by the PATH variable. I can't seem to get whereis to work like I expect whence to work.