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Motor Construction
By sjl
Sat Mar 11 12:26:01 PST 2000 Sun Jul 30 20:58:00 PDT 2000


Follow these links to learn about coil winding and to see examples.


I don't think we will be doing anything really dangerous, but be sure to read this safety information on electric shock safety and follow the rules.

We will be using solder. Solder contains lead, which you don't want in your body. Don't eat or drink while working with solder. Wash your hands after working with solder. Do not touch your face while working with solder.

Buzzer Component Tips


Different types of batteries will effect how well a motor or a buzzer works. Detailed battery specifications can be used to really understand how the battery effects your results. You should read the datasheet for Energizer alkaline batteries.

Reference Information

Robot construction tips includes great information about motors.

This linear motor and coil handbook has technical information about coil winding, copper wire, etc.

Wire facts from Alpha, a wire manufacturer.

Do not build a Tesla coil, because it is too dangerous. You may want to learn how a Tesla coil is built, just so you can be sure to avoid making one by accident. Also, Tesla coils can damage computers that are more than six feet away, so be extra careful that you do not operate one anywhere near a computer!

Boy Mechanic from 1912 has some interesting projects. Some are dangerous, though.

Other Technical Information