April -1, 1996
Bill Anderson, Presdent,Editor and Writer
Tom Anderson, Contributing Writer

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How I made my internet page

by Bill Anderson
Ok, so I'm a kid. And do you know what? I am going to tell you how I made this web page! So, here's how I did my web page. (Audience is snoring.)First I had to learn all the HTML tags. (Dad, off with the H2 and H1 stuff, okay?)Next comes the publicizing, uploading and writing (oh yeah, and I drew that cartoon in Corel draw.). Taaaa daaaaaa, I'm done.

Bill the Canadian by Bill Anderson
AHEM ........
Our " Hockey Regular Season Rungs" are here! To make it easier, we've put a image inside the San Jose Shark's block.

Color coded teams: RED: Did not Make Playoffs
BLUE: 8-6
GREEN: 3-1
WESTERN Confrence



Playoff news Chess Standings/Moves.


Settle down and play Java games!

For more information on Super Bowl XXX, don't miss ESPN's SportsZone.

And for the little ones, don't forget: Sports Illustrated For Kids.

For humor: A Cooler World

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