January 24, 1996
Bill Anderson, Editor and Writer
Tom Anderson, Contributing Writer

Playoff News - Super Bowl XXX Edition

Hodson's first game a blanker

Go ahead, offensive forwards. Pull your hair out. Kevin Hodson, first goaltender in a decade to record a shutout in his first nhl game is proving he's no fluke. With the Red Wings (his NHL team) on a hot streak, they'r unstoppable. With a 4-2 trouncing of the Sharks, the Red Wings are...... well, just great. :-)

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Super Bowl Section

Anticipate a Passing Game in the Super Bowl

You should expect to see at least six touchdowns in the Super Bowl. I wouldn't be suprised to see four or five Dallas touchdowns, and two for the Steelers. Throw in a few field goals (which are out of style at the one-sided Super Bowls of modern times) and you get a score of something like 34-17 Dallas.

Get ready to rumble!

Even though my playoff news "teammate" (Tom Anderson) doesn't think so, the Pittsburgh Steelers will be #1 when all is said and done. Like Super Bowl V and XXV, the (tied) game could have been down to a field goal, but instead the Steelers decided to go for it on 4th and 8 from the cowboys 23 with 1 second remaning in regulation. The Result: A 23 yard pass to Bam Morris for a TD. ;->

Bill Anderson, playoff news writer, has his head in the clouds on that one! With the Cowboys leading early, it will take more than field goals for the Steelers to come even close. I'm hoping for a new record in the Super Bowl: Two safeties. I don't care which teams get them, but I want to see tackles in the end zones!

You've got your head in the clouds, Tom. My mouth was big enough to swallow a golf ball. :()

Kordell "Slash" Stewart going strong

Okay, so a backup QB/WR/RB/P makes the headline? Riduclous! Not riduclous.....For us at least. Kordell Stewart, the QB/WR/RB/P is certanly a wonder boy on the Pittsburgh Steelers with these stats:
Has seven first downs in the post season on nine touches.
Was inactive for first five weeks of the season. (suprise!)
Seventh player of the 90s to run, catch and throw for a touchdown.
Well, if he is a QB/WR/RB/P, what more can we say?:-)

Postgame Commentary

I would give Deion Sanders the nickname 'microwave' because he gets burned on the inside first.

Oh yeah, Dad! If the steelers had used Kordell Stewart more they would of won!

How I made my internet page

by Bill Anderson
Ok, so I'm a kid. And do you knou what? I am going to tell you how I made this web page! So, here's how I did my web page. (Audience is snoring.)First I had to learn all the HTML tags. (Dad, off with the H2 and H1 stuff, okay?)Next comes the publicizing, uploading and writing (oh yeah, and that cactus picture in Corel draw.). Taaaa daaaaaa, I'm done.

California greens Rewiew

by Bill Anderson
This is one of The best driving ranges around! Rewiew:
Teaching: ****
Overall:(Drum Roll)****
Their address is 6705 Petaluma Hill Road, Penngrove.

Chess Football

by Bill Anderson
Here are the rules to play chess football:

1: Get out that chess board with all the pawns and pices. 2: On offense, 5 pawns are OLs, 2 rooks are WRs, 1 bishop is a TE, 2 Knights are RBs, and the king is the QB. 3: On defense, 2 rooks are CBs, 4 pawns are DE and DTs, 3 bishops are LBs (go get another chess set), and 2 knights are SS and FS. 4: The pices and pawns move and capture like they normally do in chess. 5: Any pice and pawn that is NOT mentonted in rules 3 and 4 is taken out of play. 6: The line of scrimmage is the 4th rank the offense is facing. 7: The end zones are the 1st rank and the 8th. 8: You, with the penny used for a ball, in 1 of your players hands, must get it to the farthest rank. 9:The king may throw the ball when he is in check or move. 10: You have 1 down to get the ball 2 ranks.


Settle down and play Java games!

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