Power Supply Design and Manufacturing

Silicon Carbide

Safety Link-O-Rama

Power Conversion Manufacturers

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Vicor Home Page
EENet's Power Supply List
Virginia Tech EE: Time Domain Laboratory
Virginia Tech EE: Virginia Power Electronics Center
Converter Concepts, Inc.
Corcom Home Page
Parts User's Guide
Capital Electronics Inc.
Specification Guide for Power Supplies
Parts User's Guide
Glossary of Power Conversion Terms

Power Conditioning

Technical Note #T14 : Common Mode Noise Susceptibility of Computers
Welcome to the Power Page by APC
Circuit-Test Electronics Ltd. - Power Inverters
Best Power Uninterruptible Power Systems

Design Software

ICAP/4 , Magnetics Designer, switching power supply design library
MicroSim .. PSpice
Analogy .. Saber, AHDL (MAST)
CAD links from RF & Microwaves .. a good list


Adaptive Logic, Inc.
The Analog Answer to PLDs, includes a development system.