1999 Seventh Grade California Curriculum Standards

By sjl@sonic.net

This information in this section was extracted from the California State Board of Education curriculum standards web page, which is no longer available in its 1999 form.

It is reproduced here to make it easier to find the sections that apply to seventh grade.

Tom's Commentary on the Curriculum


There is a light treatment of a variety of math concepts in the areas of algebra, geometry, statistics, and problem solving. This is a reasonable but cautious approach and is not likely to be inspiring. It does look like it provides a good foundation for more advanced study.


There is a bit too much emphasis on the 'stamp collecting' topics, such as earth science and biology, but there is not an onerous quantity of material. The treatment reflects the idea that science and experimentation are observation and note-taking. This is an impoverished view of science that alienates students from the subject. It would be easy to turn this standard into a list of facts to be memorized and forgotten.


The standard is a laundry list of topics, not a curriculum. The concepts listed are so vague that virtually anything that happens in class could arguably conform to the standard. This standard reaffirms my own personal unflattering stereotypes of English instructors and instruction.

The standard repeatedly references Recommended Readings in Literature, Kindergarten Through Grade Eight, which appears to be an out-of-print book.


There are plenty of good topics to choose from in this curriculum. The historical topics are outlined in a clear manner that effectively communicates a thread of study.