Signal Integrity

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High speed digital design on printed circuit boards requires analysis of the layout. CAE tools assist with this high-speed board layout analysis.

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Quad Design/Viewlogic/Innoveda Innoveda Signal Integrity Products
Hyperlynx HyperLynx, Inc. Home Page
CCT/Cadence Specctraquest High-Speed Interconnect
Zuken/Incases INCASES Signal Integrity Tools
Mentor/Interconnectix/Veribest Interconnect Synthesis Interconnectix Veribest
Avant! Home Page
They have a 2D EM simulator that is used to extract HSPICE models.
Quantic Greenfield signal integrity tool
Ansoft Brochure for Ansoft Signal Integrity Tools
Protel Integrated signal integrity tools
GNU EDA GPL Electronic Design Automation ... I haven't found a signal integrity tool from them yet.


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