last updated: Mon, May 25, 2020 10:55 AM



All office hours are now online via Zoom.

Use Calendly to sign up. I am available between 1-3 Mondays-Thursdays and 10-Noon on Fridays. (I might adjust these later.)

When you schedule an appointment that is understood as a request. When I send you a Zoom link for the appointment, that should be understood as a confirmation. Watch for the link. When the appointment is on a Friday, if you have not received a link before 4 hours ahead of the appointment start time, that means we are not meeting. When the meeting is Monday-Thursday if I intend to send a link, it will be before 10AM PST. If you are a GMT+8/+9 student, email me and we will set up a special time for office hours.

I will cancel appointments that you schedule when I need to, and sometimes without any note sent to you. Many things can interfer with a proposed time. Please just try another time slot.

I use a scheduling program called "Calendly." Use the below to schedule office hours. You can try dropping by but typically my office hours are fully scheduled. When there are no appointments, I am usually NOT in the office. If you are visiting from afar, please just email me. :)


My office is 5110 Dwinelle, but I am not there.

Please email me.



We can arrange an appointment if you are unable to come to my regular office hours. (See below.) [As long as social distancing is being practiced this paragraph is irrelevant. I'm keeping it here to remind me to return to this policy when possible.]

Irregular meeting times

It is sometimes possible to meet me at times other than the regular office hours. (In such cases, the meeting place will probably not be the office and probably not private.) Read the below notice, then email me if you wish.

Requesting a time other than regular office hours

For current Cal students: When you are unable to come to regular office hours it might be possible to make an appointment for another time although there are weeks when I will be too busy for this. Email me (don't message me through bCourse or otherwise), with these things in mind:

1) I need a few days notice,

2) "appointment request" needs to be in the subject line (otherwise I might not read your email for a few days),

3) details on the classes (course number and title and time it meets) or other events that prevent you from coming to regular office hours needs to be stated in the email.

I'll respond 1-3 days, letting you know whether I can meet and, if I can, what times might work. I will be very reluctant to meet late in the afternoon. Look for a morning time. I come to campus early.

Making full use of our office time

If you tell me the general content of what you would like to discuss it might increase the time slot I assign to you. *I cannot provide a grade estimate on the spot. This definitely needs 2-3 days advance notice. If your question is about a specific assignment, that is different. But if it is "in general, what is my grade standing?" I need to calculate that ahead of time.