ANNOUNCEMENTS (most recent at top of list)

Wed, 19-May-04: Uploaded revised KEY for Exam Three. Go to Final Exam Period, 18-May on the Assignments page to download it. **Please note that all downloadable files made by me for this class (student pics stay up) will be taken off the Web site on May 31. If there is something you missed and want to have, please download it before then.

Tues, 18-May-04: Uploaded KEY for Exam Three. Go to Final Exam Period, 18-May on the Assignments page to download it.

Fri, 07-May-04: Points to be studied for Exam Three posted. **The document also includes English translations of the poems. Go to Final Exam entry (follows Session 30) for the download.

Wed, 05-May-04: Posted assignment for Session 30 (Thursday, May 6).

Fri, 30-April-04: Posted assignment for Session 29 (Tuesday, May 4); also posted changes to class schedule mentioned in class on Thursday. *Check the schedule if you were not in class on Thursday.

Wed, 28-April-04: Posted assignment for Session 28 (Thursday, April 29).

Sun, 25-April-04: Updated "midori" and "murasaki" group scores.

Sun, 25-April-04: Posted assignment for Session 27 (Tuesday, April 27).

Wed, 21-April-04: Posted assignment for Session 26 (Thursday, April 22).

Mon, 19-April-04: Uploaded key to Test Two. (Look under assignments for Session 21, April 6, the day of the exam.) Also, edited class schedule to indicate topics of recent sessions. Also uploaded tentative list for new group membership.

Sat, 20-Mar-04: Uploaded sakura photos by John, Leslie and Tina.

Wed, 17-Mar-04: Uploaded plum and sakura photos by Alexey, Judy and Vivian. See new link on the Homepage, called "J130 Photos, Poems, etc."

Mon, 15-Mar-04: Posted assignments for Sessions 18, 19, 20 and 21. Made schedule changes. (See Schedule page for Sessions 19 & 20; test date remains the same).

Fri, 12-Mar-04: Posted new group totals. ... By the way, yagi group held on to their victory with 7 1/6 points, though sode group challenged with 5 2/3. These totals reflect not just that day's work but group activity for the entire period the groups were formed.

Fri, 12-Mar-04: Posted assignment for Session 17 (March 16, Tues).

Wed, 10-Mar-04: Posted new group assignments. This will be your group up until Exam Two.

Mon, 08-Mar-04: Posted assignment for Session 16 (March 11, Thurs).

Thurs, 04-Mar-04: Posted assignment for Session 15 (March 9, Tues).

Wed, 03-Mar-04: Corrected a few spelling errors on the assignment. (Downloadable files also corrected.)

Tues, 02-Mar-04: Posted assignment for Session 14 (March 4,Thurs).

Mon, 23-Feb-04: Group assignments for Sessions 13-16 decided and posted.

Mon, 23-Feb-04: Completed assignment instructions for Session 13 (March 2, Tues). They were also sent as an email.

Mon, 23-Feb-04: Completed assignment instructions for TOMORROW's Session 11. Posted as well assignment for Session 12 (Feb 26, Thurs).

Mon, 23-Feb-04: Posted comments for poems assigned for Session 11 (Feb 24, Tues).

Tues, 17-FEb-04: Revised assignment for Session 10 (Feb 19, Thurs).

Mon, 16-Feb-04: Posted on the Group Assignments page the ways of earning extra points AND added a new way. Indicated which group (みどり or むらさき) each student belongs to by color-coding the list.

Fri, 13-Feb-04: Posted assignment for Session 10 (Feb 19). Completed construction of "Kokin Spring One Reading Companion" page through poems that are assigned for Session 10.

Thur, 12-Feb-04: Updated assignment for Session 9. Posted group assignments on page "J130 Groups". Sent class-wide email with group assignments, email contact list and how to earn extra points. Contact me if you did not receive this email or could not open the attachment.

Wed, 11-Feb-04: Study guidelines/hints for Exam One were posted on the "Assignments" page under the date of the exam (12-Feb).

Sat, 7-Feb-04: ****ROOM CHANGE: Beginning Tuesday, Feb 10, J130 will meet in 215 Dwinelle.

Wed, 4-Feb-04: Completed construction of "Kokin Spring One Reading Companion" page through poems that are assigned for Session 9 (Feb 17).

Wed, 4-Feb-04: Uploaded new page comparing the three poetry anthologies we have been covering in class. You can check your class notes accuracy there, and use this to study for the upcoming exam.

Tue, 3-Feb-04: Made minor corrections to assignments.

Mon, 2-Feb-04: Bring classical dictionaries to class Tuesday if you have one. And watch for material that might be posted before class. There is no homework; what we will work with will be handed out in class but I might make it available online later today.

Fri, 30-Jan-04: Revised class schedule (test dates are the same, though).

Wed, 28-Jan-04: Added PMJS cites (a very useful link) to the "Other Interesting Links" section of the biblio page.

Wed, 28-Jan-04: Added to the assignment for Thurs, Jan 29.

Mon, 26-Jan-04: Posted assignment for Thurs, Jan 29.

Fri, 23-Jan-04: Redesigned assignments page, updated biblio references.

Wed, 21-Jan-04: Updated assignments and biblio references.

Mon, 19-Jan-04: Uploaded announcements page, assignments page, bibliography page.

Thurs, 15-Jan-04: Course description and schedule posted.

Fri, 30-Jan-04: Posted assignment for Tues, Feb 3 (but should have been for Session 9, 17-Feb-04!). Uploaded new page "J130 Kokin, Spring Book One Reading Companion -- Comments and multimedia".