Appendix A. Muqarnas Questionnaire

This questionnaire lists aspects of muqarnas design that I have found useful to examine for the vaults considered in this study. It can easily be extended, leading perhaps to a typology of muqarnases. In constructing it I considered, among others, the portals of the Jâmi` al-Taubah, of 629–32/1231–35, the Bîmâristân al-Qaymarî, of 654/1256, and the Madrasah al-Zahirîyah, of 676/1277–78.1

1. For a broader typology of muqarnases see Allen, Five Essays, pp. 85–90.

2. While some of his conclusions are dubious, Michel Écochard's Filiation de monuments grecs, byzantins et islamiques: une question de géométrie, illustrates admirably the relations of various muqarnas geometries.