Larkspur > Then and Now Hil Probert's Service Station

The cars make this photo look older than it really is. They're all part of Hil Probert's antique car collection, which numbered as many as 200 vintage models. After his death in 1968, many were sold to the Harrah's Collection in Reno. My favorite was this pine green 1940 Packard, seen in closeup on the next page. In the left service station bay is his 1940 or 1941 LaSalle; click here to see my picture of it.

Probert's station and house were prominently featured in the 1949 film IMPACT. Click here for a still from the film, and more on my IMPACT pages.

Thanks to Alan Probert for providing more information about his grandfather.

Now, of course, the service station is part of the Lark Creek shops complex, and the Probert house (peeking through the redwood trunks at the right) is the Lark Creek Inn.