FlexLink® Voice

Integrated Voice and Data
FlexLink® Voice offers voice services tuned to meet your business technology requirements with local calling, long distance and voicemail. FlexLink® Voice is only available with any FlexLink® Ethernet or Long Range solution.

Hosted Voice starting at $34.95 per seat*
SIP from $15 per trunk*, PRI from $199*, Analog from $24.95*
Add-on service. Requires FlexLink® Ethernet or Long Range

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Starting at $34.95 per seat*

Fully managed integrated voice and data, designed to reduce costs and management overhead, and increase productivity.

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Starting at $15 per trunk*

Replacement for fixed PSTN connections providing optimal bandwidth utilization, flexible capacity, and high voice quality and reliability.


Available from $199*

Includes 23 simultaneous call paths, a block of 20 DIDs and 4 analog lines. Add DID blocks for just $20 per block of 20 DIDs.


Available from $24.95*

Up to 24 lines (minimum of 4). All common features available including Caller ID, Voicemail, Call Forwarding, and Hunting.

Built on FlexLink®

FlexLink® Voice adds phone features to the high speed connectivity of FlexLink® Ethernet or T1 services. To learn more about FlexLink®, visit:
FlexLink® Ethernet & T1


With an entry point of 4 analog voice lines, scaling up to 2 full PRIs for a maximum of 46 simultaneous voice paths, FlexLink® Voice is built to scale to most any business and budget.

Private Ethernet Transport

Link multiple sites together with Private Ethernet Transport (PET), enabling data and voice traffic between sites within Sonic's footprint at no additional cost.


  • Port existing phone numbers or DID blocks to Sonic.net
  • Uses G.711U codec for the best call quality and lowest latency/jitter
  • Supports up to 24 Analog FXS interfaces for legacy equipment
  • Integral DSX-1 PRI/CAS for PBX connectivity
  • Configurable to a 16 FXS +8 FXO interfaces mixed analog environment
  • Compatible with industry-leading soft switches and call agents
  • Analog to SIP or MGCP conversion for legacy support over dynamic IPs

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* Local, state, and federal taxes/surcharges apply. Price does not include phone rental.
Nationwide outbound calls at $0.02 per minute, nationwide inbound toll calls at $0.025 per minute.
Toll Free service available at $5 per month. International calling available. See International Rates
Cal Phone Info, PBX 9-1-1 Advisory