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Mailing Lists

A mailing list can be thought of simply as a single email address that delivers to a number of recipients. Instead of trying to manage hundreds of addresses in your mail program's addressbook, a mailing list does the work for you. Mailing lists maintain records of who is subscribed, who is allowed to send messages to the list, takes care of bounced messages, and allows recipients to subscribe or unsubscribe without you having to lift a finger. uses the Mailman List Server software to allow customers to create and manage mailing lists. A web-based interface for creating and managing mailing lists can be found in our Member Tools section, or directly at

Announce Lists

When an individual or organization needs to periodically distribute information to a large number of recipients, an "announce list" may be the answer. Announce lists are characterized by having many recipients, only a few of whom are able to send to the list. Newsletters are an excellent example of an announce list.

Chat Lists

When a group of people with a common interest would like to communicate with each other simultaneously, a "chat list" may be the answer. A list of this sort allows all recipients to reply to any list message, sending to all of the other recipients. Chat lists are an excellent communications resource for work groups, or social groups. By default, mailing lists are configured to behave as chat lists.

More Resources

The Acceptable Use Policy applies to the use of mailing lists, and unsolicited bulk email will not be tolerated.

The Mailman development community website is available at online.

The Mailman list manager is available at online.

Please visit our Mailing List FAQ for additional information.

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