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Tips & Techniques

SoCo Knitting eList & Ravelry Beyond Borders

Introduction To Knitting

Annie Modesitt Combination Knitting
Craft Yarn Council: Learn to Crochet and Learn to Knit
Dianne's How To Knit
Knitting at KNoon's Knitting Videos
On-line Video Knitting Club
Wonderful Things' Introduction to Knitting

Other Useful Things to Know

     Cabling without a Cable Needle Grumperina
     Cables without a Cable Needle Katie Swanson
Cables without a Cable Needle Theresa Vinson Stenersen

      Basics Part 1 and Part 2 Theresa Vinson Stenersen
      Provisional Cast-on

Converting Weights & Lengths
     Quick Yard/Meter and Ounce/Gram Converters

Different Ways of Knitting/Knitting & Purling
     Combination Knitting  Annie Modesitt
     Purling Continentially Theresa Vinson Stenersen

Dyeing & Handpainting Yarns
     How To Dye Fibers Naturally Smithsonian
     Dyeing Protein Fibers with Koolaid Barbara M. Harris-Pruitt
Using the Cold Padding Method

 Sarah Bradbury

     Where to stick those loose ends Theresa Vinson Stenersen
     How to weave in ends Jimmy Bean - video
     Weaving the Ends Cital86 - video

     Entrelac At A Different Angle Digital Threads
     Entrelac Resources WoolWorks
Entrelac Scarf Jesse Loesberg
     Untangling Entrelac Carol Wyche

Frogging (Rip it, Rip it) and Tinking (knit spelled backwards)
     Frog Pond Theresa Vinson Stenersen

     Knit & Crochet Abbreviations Craft Yarn Council
wiseNeedle Multilingual Searchable Glossary

Increases & Decreases
     Increases and Decreases Theresa Vinson Stenersen

Joining Yarns
     Felted Join
     Felted Join video
     Russian Join Example 1, Example 2, Example 3

Kitchener Stitch (Grafting)
     Kitchener Stitch Theresa Vinson Stenersen
Kitchener Stitch Carole Wulster
Kitchener Stitch Mary Ann Beattie
     Laurie B's Toes and Heels
     Kitchener Using DPN Instead of Needle Anne Budd

Mosaic Knitting
     An Introduction to Mosaic Knitting Esther Bozak
     Slip in Some Color Kristi Porter

Picking Up Stitches
     Picking Up Stitches Theresa Vinson Stenersen

Recycling Yarn
     Reverse Engineer with Swift Carole Wulster
     Recycling Yarn  Andrade
     Recycling Yarn_blank for Reuse Theresa Vinson Stenersen

Resizing Patterns
     Can a Pattern be Resized? (
     Size Matters (Joan McGowan-Michael)
     Tools to Help You Convert Knitting Patterns

     Sewing a Flat Seam
     Mattress Stitch
     Mattress Stitch Theresa Vinson Stenersen

     Grumperina's Alternate Way of Picking up Heel Flap Stitches
     Kristin's Knitting Socks For New Knitters
     Laurie B's Toes and Heels
     Sock Sizes & Measurements

     How to do a gauge swatch with eyelash or bulky textured yarns
     Cables and Gauge Carole Wulster


Additional Tips & Technique Resources
     Knitting Hints & Tips  Carol Smith
     Tricks'n Techniques  Lucy Neatby





Community Knitting

Local Resources

Tips & Techniques

Local Yarn Stores (LYS)

Online Resources

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