Morrie Jones

a life in pictures

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The Hartman family, 1917
Morrie's maternal family
Morrie at age 7, 1925
Photo Postcard
KMA Shenandoah, Iowa 1944
KXEL Waterloo, Iowa 1945-1946
In Saginaw, MI 1947
WKNX Saginaw, Michigan 1947
Western Polka Band
"Speck Tater"
Saginaw, Michigan 1948
KFH Wichita, Kansas 1948
Homer & Jethro
throwing Marvin around
backstage KRNT Theater
Des Moines, Iowa 1956

Handmade custom doubleneck guitar, 1951

Presenting Chet his custom "Yakkety Axe"
Chet's RCA Office, Nashville, Tenn 1973
Nashville-Des Moines Club
Des Moines, Iowa 1975

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