Paia 4771 Regulated Power Supply

Front View

Rear View

The 4771 Regulated Power Supply was the first module I did for the 4700 series. I had long ago scrapped the Paia supplies from the original 2720 synth I had built, as regulated supplies were mandatory for any stability or repeatability in the usage of the synth. All functions were improved through the use of regulated supplies. So, as soon as I was onboard at Paia I pretty much told John "You have to do this!" ;-)

I retained the provision of the Bias supplies from the original power supply, but added a polarity switch to one of them.

I retained the AC Coupler jacks for control voltages, but added the allowance for audio to control voltage patching, as I was not a fan of separate patching systems for audio and control voltages. To this date, that is the first thing I recommend Paia users do in refurbishing the old systems - remove all pin jacks and replace with 1/8" jacks.

The Owners Manual is available for download in the documents Archive here- a nice new hi-res scan! If you've EVER downloaded the previous Owners Manual here, PLEASE redownload! This one is much better!


revised - 5/8/13