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The IMDI produces a newsletter twice a year (The International Mushroom Dye-Gest) by and for its members, reporting Fungi and Fibre events, Workshops & Exhibitions around the world, and publishing articles of interest to mushroom dye enthusiasts.

The Dye-Gest also publishes a list of members who are available to teach workshops, lectures, and give demonstrations about mushroom dyes and paper-making. We have published 9 newsletters so far with a variety of articles, graphics and color photos, some of which are:

    #1 -Fall / Winter 2000
      "A Brief history of 30 years of Mushroom Dyes"by Dorothy Beebee
      "The Possibilities of Paper and Pigments", by Miriam C. Rice
      "The Formation of the 'International Federation of Fungi and Fiber'" by Carol Lee
      "A Bridge to the Past" by Janet Hope-deVries
      "Old Memories and New Expectations" by Andreya von Waldenfels-Marks

    #2 -Fall / Winter 2001
      Report on the 10th International Fungi & Fibre Symposium in Rovaniemi, Finland by Carol Lee
      "Explorations with the Dyeball, Experiments with Pisolithus tinctorius" by Loren Washburn
      "Colourful Letters from our members and Mushroom Dye Instructors"
      "Sharing the Colours Project" -A video about the 10th Symposium in Finland

    #3 - Spring / Summer 2002
      "The Colour Congress of 2002," by Andreya Marks, USA
      "Mushroom Dye class at Umeå University, in Sweden", by Hjördis Lundmark (with color photo)
      "Mushroom Dye News from Norway", by Anna-Elise Torkelsen
      "Mushroom Dyed Scarves by School children", by Carla Mueller, Sweden (with color photos)

    #4 - Fall / Winter 2002

      "Colours to Dye For" A report from Scotland by Janette McKeown (with color photos)
      "Report from Lincolnshire, England" by Jean Mounter, England
      "About Chrome and Chromates", by Dr. Erik Sundström, Sweden
      "Mushroom Dyeing in Alaska" by Carol Lee (with color photos)
      "Anthraquinones from Dermocybe sanguinea", by Riika Räisänen, Finland
      "Australia & the 11th International Fungi & Fibre Symposium", by Katrina Syme

    #5 - Spring / Summer 2003

      "A Search for Dyes with Year-round Potential" - Megan Romberg, USA
      "Experiments in Mushroom Dyeing at Goa University", - Dr. Nandkumar Kamat, India
      "Celebration of 10th Anniversary of the Norwegian Mushroom Dye Group" (with color photos)
      "Caution Advised - Chrome hazards lurking the mordant Potassium Dichromate" - Darvin DeShazer, USA
      "Letters to the Editor discussing the Hazards of Using Chrome Mordants" - Carol Lee & Jim Swayne, USA

      #6 - Fall / Winter 2003

      In its 6th newsletter, "The IMDI Dye-Gest", presents the Synopses of many of the mushroom dye workshops, with full color photos, presented at the 11th International Fungi & Fiber Symposium held in Denmark, Australia this last summer (August 2003) as they were written by the workshop leaders:

      "Blue dyes from Xanthoria parietina" - Etta Glen (Australia)
      "Dyeing cotton with fungi" - Peggy Buckingham (Australia)
      "Dyeing with fungi for beginners" - Nessie Henshaw (Australia)
      "Experiments in dyeing with Australian Fungi" - Anna-Elise Torkelsen (Norway)
      "Illustrating fungi for record keeping" - Dorothy Beebee (USA)
      "Dyes from Australian Dermocybes" - Hjördis Lundmark, Mattias Andersson & Hans Marklund (Sweden)
      "Pisolithus dyes" - Kirsti Palmèn (Finland)
      "Reversible Knitting & Heliograms" - Marilyn Caddell, (Scotland)
      "Amazing Myco-Stix" - Dorothy Beebee (USA)
      "Tapestry Weaving Workshop" - Trisha Gow (Scotland)
      "Wearable adornment using fungi-dyed fibre" - Nalda Searles (Australia)
      "Dyeing with Gymnopilus sp."- Andreya Marks, (USA)

    A set of the first 5 issues, listed above, may be ordered for $10.00 and Issue #6 is available separately for $7.50. Send check or moneyorder, (including $2.00 for postage and handling) to:

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    c/o Dorothy Beebee
    PO Box 428
    Forestville, CA, USA 95436

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