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WEB TURTLE is a fun drawing program which uses what's called "Turtle Graphics" (the same thing some computer languages, most notably "Logo", use for graphics). The idea behind "Turtle Graphics" is that you have a turtle who's got a pen stuck to its tail. (The first turtle robot was created back in 1969!) You give it commands (like "go forward", "turn left", etc.) and it draws shapes on the screen (or paper).

Web Turtle can be used to help teach simple computer programming as well as the basics of geometry! It's completely web-based and doesn't use Java, plug-ins or software downloads, so it should work on almost any type of computer that has a graphical web browser!

If this is your first time, start by playing with an existing example drawing. Use the "Available Commands" / Help page to find out how Web Turtle works. Then try creating your own programs by starting a new drawing.

September 2017 - Some updates!
  • Web Turtle turned 20 years old earlier this year!
  • Corrected problems with the inputs fields on some links and forms on the Examples page.
  • Added and cleaned up some of the "See Also" links, below.

For example, commands like this would draw a square:

In English:

  1. Draw with a Black pen
  2. Do this Four Times:
    1. Move Forward 10 Paces, Drawing
    2. Turn Right 90 Degrees

What you tell Web Turtle:

  DRAW 10
  RIGHT 90

Start A New Drawing

Play With An Example

Available Commands

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