Great estates (and some pretty nice houses) of Claremont and Rockridge

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Zoomable map of northern Alameda County, circa 1878

Taggart/Hotchkiss house, Hazel Road, 1877-1940

Maxwell Hardware hitching post, Plaza Drive

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Greyhaven on El Camino

Yelland house at end of Hillcrest

The Uplands in 1909; from left to right are 195 The Uplands;
Ghirardelli estate in background; Hind house at 208 The Uplands

The Taylor Mansion "La Dulzura", top of The Uplands at Tunnel Road

Taylor Estate steps

La Dulzura in an early postcard

The Ghirardelli house in an early postcard

Original 1910 plan for McDuffie estate
(Tunnel Road at bottom, Roble Road to left)

1909 sketch of planned McDuffie house

McDuffie carriage house, 156 Tunnel Road

Garden below McDuffie house, 22 Roble Road

Walter Ratcliff's home on Roble Road

East end of Chabot Road, 1931; covered well in lower left

Chick House on Chabot Road by Maybeck, at edge of 1991 firestorm

Claremont's "model home": the Douglas house on Parkside

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