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Map of area in 1884

Panoramic Hill in 1909
Canyon Road in foreground, Rieber house at left, La Fontaine house at top

Looking north: Rieber House at right, columns on left are top of Bancroft Steps

Price Apartments, 9-11 Panoramic Way
1912, Julia Morgan

Boke ("Swiss chalet") House, 23 Panoramic Way
1901, Bernard Maybeck

The Winding Stair:
Orchard Lane Steps

Steilberg Cottage, 4 Mosswood Path
1930, Walter Steilberg

The Sky Above, The Stadium Below:
Rieber House, 15 Canyon Road
1904, Coxhead & Coxhead

Feldman House, 13 Mosswood Road
Plans 1939, built 1975, Frank Lloyd Wright

Mouser Farmhouse, 21 Mosswood Road
Built 1880's, moved here 1910

Allen House, 37 Mosswood Road
1911, Walter Ratcliff

Hillside flowers

Willis Jepson House, 11 Mosswood Road
1930, Julia Morgan

The Straight Stair:
Ferguson House, 101 Panoramic Way
1931, Walter Steilberg

Top of Orchard Lane, looking back down

Weston Havens House, 1941: 255 Panoramic Way

The Old Frenchman's (La Fontaine) House:
280 Panoramic Way, built ca. 1906

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Printable map of walk

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