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Chunhyang (Im, 2000)


The entire film is usually screened in class. If you have missed a class session, the movie is available as follows:

  • Netflix: Instant Play, search "Chunhyang"
  • Media Resources Center (Moffitt): DVD 1506
  • East Asia Media Center: PN1997.C4792 2006 (but a Region 3 disc)
  • East Asia Media Center: PN1997.C479 2000 (VHS, and probably not subtitled?)

General Comments

What type of story are we working with?

First, please read the introduction, just to situate the tale.

Second, read the below:

Regarding the typical plotline that we encounter in "Chunhyang" (from "Woman and the Promise of Modernity: Signs of Love for the Nation in Korea" by Sheila Miyoshi Jager. New Literary History Vol. 29, No. 1 (Winter, 1998), pp. 121-134 Stable URL:

Director: IM Kwon-taek
Year released: 2000
Running time: 2:00
Setting: 17th c. Korea (Choson dynasty, Neo-Confucianism is the official govt. religion), provincial town
IMDB: Chunhyangdyun

Wol-mae: Chunhyang's mother, high-level courtesan (kisaeng)

Chunhyang: Sung Ch'un-hyang, daughter of the god of Lo River, Wol-mae's daughter, Yi's lover

Yi Mong-nyong: "Master Lee" (film), Mong-nyong, talented scholar and govt official