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Charles Kelly, guitar, vocal

Brian Buckley, guitar, vocal

Bob Strong, bass, vocal

Mark Symmes, drums

Mark Schuster, keyboards

Mike Fay, guitar, percussion



Left: A rare poster featuring The Aphids

When people hear that I play in a band, they invariably ask, "What kind of music do you play?"

How do you answer that?


Traditional amplified instruments played with varying degrees of success.

A bunch of songs.

Songs are chosen at random from a lot you have heard and a lot you have not heard. There is no criterion for us to play a song. Some come from our bass player, Bob Strong. Some come from something someone heard on the radio that day. Some come from people coming up in a bar and saying, "Can you play [something really banal]?" Sure. And we'll fake it once and then learn it for real.

Above: The APHIDS played at my High School Reunion

The APHIDS came together during the late '80s as a semi-house band in a bar in Fairfax, California. Over the years a number of people have been APHIDS, and these people will always be Aphids in our hearts, but the people in the list at the top are the Aphids as their many fans know and love them today.



Livin' the Life


Walk Don't Run





It's Gonna Rain

I'm Coming Home

Falling Into My Love


Partial Song List

Sultans of Swing

Linda Lou

Monkey Time Blues

No Mo'

Tobacco Road

The Last Time


Summertime Blues

Yer Birthday

Comin' Home

On the Road Again



Down and Out

Down Home Girl

The Hunter

C.C. Rider


The Aphid Stomp

Cissy Strut

Six Days On the Road

Drivin' My Life Away

Song for My Father

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