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I am a member of the Class of 1963. In 2003 I organized our 40-year reunion. Here is the website for my class.


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The kids got it first. Before any consumer magazines picked up on off-road bicycles, the BMX magazines were all over them. The magazines written for adults took a little longer to become enthusiastic, but as soon as they started selling ads for off-road bikes, they came on board. Cautiously.

Working up an Appetite

This December, 1979 article in City Sports is one of the great ride stories of all time, and includes the frst printed use of the term "Mountainbikes," used in connection with the bike company Gary Fisher and I had just started.

Full Bore Cruisers

This article appeared in the January, 1980 issue of Bicycle Motocross Action.

The Richey [sic] Mountain Bike

Tom's name is misspelled in the title of this review that appeared in the February, 1980 issue of BMX Plus! Note that throughout the article the term "Mountain Bike" is used as the brand name for our product.

Back to Basics

The December, 1981 issue of the trade magazine National Outdoor Outfitter News is among the first notice by the bicycle market of the phenomenon. The author is optimistic that there is a small subset of customers who would buy these bikes.

The Klunkers of Marin

The first mainstream consumer magazine recognition of mountain biking came in the June, 1982 issue of Bicycling. The author goes out on a limb to suggest that "serious" cyclists might even enjoy these bikes.

Clunker Capital of the World

The Marin County weekly Pacific Sun thought the crazy guys building bikes in San Anselmo and racing them downhill were worth a local-interest story in July 1980.

Bike Test: Ritchey Mountain Bike and Specialized Stumpjumper

In July, 1982 the Bicycle Paper from Seattle reviewed all the off-road bikes they could find. Both of them.

Miscellaneous Mountain Bike Links

The best current mountain biking magazine is Dirt Rag

The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame

Gordon Bainbridge shot mountain biking photos between 1983 and 1987. His site is called Mountain Bike Roots

These people put my book in their library, even though it really belongs in a museum. Almaden Cycle Touring Club

Nice MTB site from Georgia

The Usenet FAQ on mountain bike riding

Old Skool

MTBR "Retro" mountain bike discussion

RetroBike "Classic" MTB site from England

First Flight Bikes collects all sorts of bicycle history.

Old Mountain Bikes has collected all the early literature from the Mountain Bikes company, which saved me the trouble. You can look at it there.

Klunkerz is Bill Savage's film about the origins of mountain biking


Cindy Whitehead doesn't have her own site, so I gave her a page on mine.

Mecca for Jacquie Phelan or WOMBATS 

Joe Breeze is da man

A wonderful personal account of what it was like to hear about those crazy Marin bikers back in the day.

My friends Mark Schulze and Patty Mooney make videos

Hans Rey is unbelievable. Chck him out.

 MTB history

The condensed version

The Usenet FAQ on mountain bike history

Mountain Biking Nonstop

The most scholarly treatise EVER on the reasons for the origin of mountain biking. I never realized how complex it all was.

History of the National Off-Road Bicycle Association (NORBA)

General Mountain Biking Links

Fat Tire Trading Post Chris Ioakimedes' homage to old skool

Alan Bonds' Website Vintage and custom clunkers

Charlie Cunningham Another Marin Pioneer surfaces online

Project Rwanda Tom Ritchey's project in Africa

Sons of Champlin Links


The Sons of Champlin Website

Current and a couple of former members

Bill Champlin

Terry Haggerty

Mic Gillette

Tom Saviano

Tim Cain

Rob Moitoza

Tal Morris

More Tal Morris

Some fan comments:

Graham Cooke

Robert Weiner


A good fan site with lots of links:

Fair to Partly Cloudy Music

And don't forget, Mr. Voiceover:

Peter Coyote

An Interesting interview. I'm in there, but not by name

There is a website for roadies. Of course there is.

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