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Say you're a freelance writer. You write the stuff, you sell the stuff, you spend the money on a cheeseburger and a quart of whiskey, and then you throw the story into the files, never to be seen again until the invention of the World Wide Web makes it possible for you to publish it again, while the world continues to ignore your prodigious talent.

The Bob Weir mountain bike interview. This originally ran in Dirt Rag in 1992. A moonlight ride to the top of Mount Tamalpais with Bob Weir and Gary Fisher, and the resulting conversation transcribed for you.




Clunkers Among the Hills first ran in Bicycling Magazine in January 1979. This was the first article I ever had published. I don't think I would have chosen that title, but I took the $75 (!) and let Rodale Press name it.


Photo shows Joe Breeze in 1978 with his first hand-built off-road bicycle.


Hey Ed

This is a satire piece that appeared in Cyclist Magazine some time during the last millenium.



Picture a mountain bike tour in the most remote part of Canada's Northwest Territories.

With bears and other livestock.


I wrote this after coming home from the 1978 Crested Butte to Aspen "Clunker Tour," which took place during the birth of mountain biking.


The first IditaBike, 200 miles of Alaskan wilderness in the snow, just to see if it could be done. Kind of a race, if it didn't kill you.



The 1990 IditaBike did not go off exactly as planned.


This piece ran in the San Francisco Chronicle.


I wrote this humor piece for Dirt Rag a few years ago. It might be funnier for people who have raced mountain bikes than for people who have not.


Twenty years after the first Repack race in Fairfax, California, former participants gather to attempt to relive the events that led to the development of the modern mountain bike. I wrote this for Dirt Rag.

A satirical piece that may or may not have been published.





In 1991 I helped put together a booklet that accompanied an exhibit called The Pioneers of Mountain Biking at the international bicycle trade show. The exhibit had bikes, souvenirs and cool stuff to look at, but the booklet just had photos of that stuff, kind of like a print version of this website.


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