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Issues about Mordants International Fungi & Fiber Symposia The IMDI Dye-Gest Mushroom Dye Instructors available Classes & Workshops in Mushroom Dyes Mushroom Dye Lectures & Workshops In the early 1970's, Miriam C. Rice discovered that the pigments from mushrooms can make beautiful and colorfast natural dyes.She wrote her first book on the subject "Let's Try Mushrooms for Color", Thresh Publications, 1974, and then, an expanded version "Mushrooms for Color", Mad River Press, 1980.

As a result of increasing world wide interest in this new fiber artform, the International Mushroom Dye Institute (IMDI) was created in 1985 by Miriam with the intent to form a non-profit organization for educational purposes and to promote the use of mushroom dyes around the world as an alternative dye source for fiber artists.

Goals of the IMDI