Bale Grist Mill

California State Historic Landmark 359

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This historic grist mill, known as the "Bale Mill" was erected by Dr. B. T. Bale, grantee Carne Humana Rancho, in 1846. The mill with surrounding land was deeded to the Native Sons of the Golden West by Mrs. W.W. Lyman. Restored through the efforts of the Native Son parlors of Napa County, under the leadership of past Grand President Bismarck Bruck, a grandson of Dr. Bale, and by the Historic Landmarks Committee of the Native Sons of the Golden West. The restored mill was dedicated June 21, 1925.

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Bale Grist Mill SHP, Hwy 29 (PM 32.1), 3369 N St. Helena Hwy, 3 mi NW of St. Helena.


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