California State Historical Landmarks - Inyo County

plaque iconno site icon #208 San Francis Ranch, near Bishop

no plaque iconsite icon #209 Site of Bend City, near Independence

no plaque iconsite icon #211 Mayfield Canyon Battleground, near Bishop

plaque iconno site icon #223 Site of Putnam's Cabin, Independence

plaque iconsite icon #229 Mary Austin's Home, Independence

plaque iconno site icon #230 First Permanent White Habitation in Owens Valley, near Bishop

plaque iconsite icon #349 Camp Independence (fort), near Independence

plaque iconsite icon #507 Grave of 1872 Earthquake Victims, near Lone Pine

plaque iconsite icon #537 Cottonwood Charcoal Kilns, near Cartago

plaque iconsite icon #752 Furnace of the Owens Lake Silver-Lead Company, near Lone Pine

plaque iconno site icon #796 Farley's Olancha Mill Site, Olancha

plaque iconsite icon #811 Bishop Creek Battleground, near Bishop

plaque iconsite icon #850 Manzanar Relocation Center, near Lone Pine nat'l hist landmark nat'l reg hist places

no plaque iconno site icon #934 Temporary Detention Camps for Japanese Americans - Manzanar Assembly Center, near Lone Pine

plaque iconsite icon #953 Laws Narrow Gauge Railroad Station and Yard, near Bishop nat'l reg hist places

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