Shaw's Flat

California State Historic Landmark 395

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#395 Mark Twain Bret Harte Trail
Shaw's Flat

In 1850 this community was alive with gold miners. James D. Fair, after whom the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco is named, was one of the most notable. The Mississippi House, built in 1850, contains many relics including the original bar and postoffice, with its grill and mail boxes. On a nearby hill stands the Old Bell, given by miners, which summoned men to work and announced the convening of various courts. According to tradition, a local bartender added to his income by panning gold dust dropped on his muddy boots while serving customers.

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No site exists.
Nothing remains of this site.


SE corner of Shaw's Flat Rd and Mt Brow Rd, 2.6 mi SW of Columbia.

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