Lakeview Gusher No. 1

California State Historic Landmark 485

Plaque exists. No site exists. Landmark location.

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#485 Lakeview Gusher No. 1
America's most spectacular gusher 'blew in' here March 14, 1910. Initial flow was 16,000 barrels per day, and later reached uncontrolled peak of 100,000 barrels per day, completely destroying the derrick. This Union Oil Company well, between Taft and Maricopa, produced nine million barrels of oil in 18 months.

Site Photo:

No site exists.
Nothing remains of this site.


Petroleum Club Rd (County Rd 277T, PM 1.1), between Kerto and Cadet Rds, 1.5 mi N of Maricopa via Hwy 33.

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