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One Cool Coco NEW
April 6, 2004 — missing 1 day.
Coco Kitty escapes his home to face fierce thunder and wind storms. Dad saves the day by finding out the right way to bring a cat in.

Coco (right) with sister


My tale's a short and ultimately happy one, but without the information I gained on your website last night, I might not have survived it with any shred of mental health remaining!

Our just less than a year old cat Coco (on the right in the enclosed photo, with his sister) ran out the door last night. Not having seen your site yet, I tried to scare him in, and scared him over the fence and out of sight!

We roamed the neighborhood looking for him for about 4 hours, skipping dinner. The kids screamed themselves to sleep, and my wife and I slept hardly at all. If you're watching the news today, you know that last night here in central Texas we had horrendous thunderstorms, winds and hail (although no hail in my neighborhood.)

After the kids were asleep, I searched Google for Lost Indoor Cat, and came up with your site on the first try. How incredibly comforting to learn in a few short minutes that he was almost certainly hiding safely nearby and that, given his personality, he would not stay in hiding indefinitely!

I slept camped in the living room with the window open to listen for yowls. Sure enough, I heard one at 6 am, and King Lear'd it outside to find him. The rain had abated a bit, and he had emerged from his hiding place and lowtailed it to the bushes under the window.

You are the hero of this tale, as far as I'm concerned. The information you gave me helped me approach the problem with wisdom rather than panic.

Thank you!

Paul S
Austin, Texas

What a dedicated daddy camping out in the living room! Please educate me on the idiom "King Lear'd it outside." I'm from California and never heard that one.

I'm not sure I've ever actually seen Shakespeare's King Lear, but I think in the later scenes he has gone insane, and is roaming around in a rainstorm shouting. That moment of calling out and looking for the source of the yowl felt a lot like that.

Never has anyone described finding their cat that way! Thank goodness — for everyone — that Coco was found :D

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