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Cats in the Bag Forum Ask questions or read past cases:

• For questions regarding indoor-only cats, follow the steps here.

• For questions regarding missing outdoor-access cat, please complete the Outdoor Access Cat Profile by following the directions here.

Click here to download a template for a LOST CAT flyer (Microsoft Word doc).

Missing Pet Partnership Kat Albrecht is the pioneer pet detective who applied her own police dog training and handling experience to the recovery of missing animals. Her site has search tips and information on profiling missing cats and dogs, as well as contact information for others in the pet recovery field. Jenne (Katka's mommy and inventor of the Kitty Buffet) specializes in profiling the personalities of missing cats, determining the highest probability of what could have happened, and recommendations for recovery. Besides being trained by Kat Albrecht and having a wealth of knowledge of lost cat behavior, her site also has entertaining anecdotes of her own personal search for a missing cat, the above-mentioned Katka.

Petfinder Find your local SPCAs and animal shelters; click on the Local Shelters link towards the top of the page.

Feliway Farnam's Comfort Zone with Feliway is a Feline Behavior Modification Spray (or Plug-in) that mimics the comforting facial pheromone found in cats.

Can Feliway help bring home a missing animal? If you can do anything to bring your pet's fright down just a notch, it may be enough for kitty to come home on its own, allow kitty to show itself, or enter a trap.

• Spray around your house and a door or window that your kitty may re-enter.
• If your cat has been spotted in another location, try spraying there. If you are trapping, spray the trap itself and the surrounding area.
• If you have an electrical socket outside your home, use the plug-in version so you won't have to respray every day.
Available at large pet retailers like Petco and Petsmart as well as online at the Pet Guys among others. There is also Comfort Zone for Dogs.

Innotek Remote Cat Locator Get this before your kitty or small dog escapes. When you press the transmitter on the Remote Cat Locator, the collar unit will flash a light and beep, helping you find a missing or hiding animal within a 100 yard range. Sunshine's mom, Barbara, gives a review here.

Feral Friends Lost cat retrieval services in the Texas area. Listing of pet detective services and missing pet resources.

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