NEW Outdoor-Access Cats


15 year old Becky Cat (aka Marilyn) is our outdoor-access kitty.

The majority of the info at this site pertains to indoor-only cats, extremely timid cats, or sick/injured cats, but there is a wealth of information elsewhere on the web. If your missing pet has been an outdoor-access cat whose normally very regular schedule has been suddenly disrupted, here are just a few resources available:

Missing Pet Partnership Pet detective Kat Albrecht's site is a good starting point to help you understand the most likely scenario that could account for your outdoor-access cat being missing. If you can pinpoint the most likely cause, it will narrow down your search methods.

Cats in the Bag Forum After getting background info, post any missing outdoor-access cat questions and complete the Outdoor Access Cat Profile by following the directions here. This forum is moderated by MoniQue who also owns MCA.

Missing Cat Assistance (MCA) You can search through the info and files at this fabulous yahoogroup email list owned by MoniQue and her MoniPride of cats. She and fellow volunteer Jenne (Katka's mom) provide emotional support and share their extensive knowledge in a variety of missing cat cases with a mix of sensitive support, cheerful encouragement, and offbeat humor. If you post a question, please first complete the Outdoor Access Cat Profile located in the Files section of MCA so that they have all the info to help you best, then post your completed profile to the MCA list.

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