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Cosmic's Story: Indoor-only 10-month-old Kitty
March 28 - April 3, 2003 — missing 6 days.

What a cutie!


I can not thank you enough for your informative web page. It kept me from going stir crazy during the 6 days that my Cosmic was missing.

My kitty is10 months old, and I haven't yet had the chance to neuter him. That reason, among others, is why he was Indoors-Only. He also didn't have all his shots yet. Plus, my apartment complex is overrun with cats, and some of them have become feral. This is not the environment that I wanted my not-quite-a-year-old kitty in! You can see why I was nervous when I noticed that Friday night, around bedtime, he was nowhere to be found. I went looking for him until about 4 am, to no avail.

I looked every night for two more days. My friends told me to leave out food, but like I said, this neighborhood is filled with cats -some are quite agressive. The last thing I wanted was a bunch of ornery cats thinking my house was their grocery store! I was also afraid that if I did that, all those cats would mask what little smell of us remained outside.

I didn't want to give up hope. Finally, I did an internet search for "finding lost cats" and came across your page! What a relief to know that someone out there knew EXACTLY what I was going through! I walked around that night, quietly, shaking his food bowl. I knew that he had to be around. I was certain that he was hiding under a porch somewhere and that he hadn't crossed a street or gone into anyone's house - not willingly. No luck.

I posted simple black and white flyers and talked to my neighbors and the property manager. Just in case someone had found him and decided to keep him (he is a beautiful, all black cat), I wrote on the flyer that he needs regular medication...The very next day, the property manager called to say he and a resident had spotted a cat fitting Cosmic's description! With renewed hope, I looked Tuesday and Wednesday night, but nothing. I was frustrated. Wednesday night, after looking, I flopped down on the couch. On TV, a commercial came on for Cosmic's brand of cat food and I burst into tears. I coud just picture him out there, scared, alone and feeling abandoned. I decided to set my intention that Cosmic would be back by Friday. One week was long enough for an Indoor-Only cat to take a vacation!

Thursday, I pulled into my neighborhood and did my customary drive through the neighborhood looking for Cosmic - I almost skipped it, disheartened since every other search had barely turned up a cat, let alone my Cosmic. Yet, I figured it couldn't hurt. I turned a corner when I suddenly spotted an all black cat.


I sent my older daughter to investigate since my baby daughter was sleeping in her carseat. The cat took one look at my kid and ran. Typical Indoor-Only behavior. I hopped out of the car and ran to the kitty. He was hiding under a porch and meowing loudly. I recognized the sound - it was my kitty! I knew it was! I put my hand out and called softy to him. For one instant, I thought he would bolt again, but then he stepped close enough for me to grab. I checked to make sure it was him.

It was.



Due to an unusually cold snap of weather, he seems to be flea free, and only had one tick, which I removed immediately. I plan on taking him to the vet ASAP. He needs the rest of his shots, he needs to be checked, I want to have him tested for feline HIV and he seems to be burping like he has indigestion. I can only imagine what he ate while he was "away on his holiday", but the property manager did spot him by the dumpster.

I'll keep you posted with his health.

Thanks again - for everything, on behalf of me, my girls and one happy-to-be-home Cosmic.


What a wonderful story!

Thank you so much for sharing your success. Cosmic is a beeeeaaautiful cat.

How far away was he when you found him? Good for you for not giving up!

The burping does sound like your poor Cosmic has an upset tummy. Sage once ate a hunk of a corn cob (unbeknownst to me and totally unrelated to her being missing) and would do these weird licky things for several days before she finally urped up the plug of corn cob.

Cosmic is probably looking for a girlfriend now that spring is here. Be sure to put a bell on him so that you'll be able to hear when he's sneaking near the door. . .sigh . .. those darn cats.

Is it ok if I use your story on my web site? It's a wonderful ending to a very stressful time.

Take care,


I would be honored if you used my story on your site. It was by reading the stories you had posted that my hope was renewed!

I found him about 2 buildings away at "Cat Central" — the area where all the neighborhood kitties converge. Sure enough, he was growliemeowing at another kitty when I spotted him around dusk.

He had gotten out of his collar. It's back on now and makes a cute tinkling noise. Now that he's back home, he seems like a totally different kitty — he's terrified of being left alone, he sleeps a lot more, and he's so! much! more! agreeable! My 2 yr. old had oodles of scratches from him, but now that he's back, she could probably carry him around by his tail and his ear before he'd nibble her.

He's going to the MD next week for a full physical. I'll keep you posted as to the results.

Chrystel & Co.

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