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Router The Cat That Meowed! NEW
June 30 - July 6, 2004 — missing 6 days.
Scaredy cat with a curious nature meows out. It is — and isn't — a trap that brings him home.

Router so handsome in his tuxedo!

Echele, Honey's mom (and amazing and inspiring co-moderator of the Cats in the Bag Forum) helped Boel bring Router safely home. Router's cautious nature is tempered with the ability to adjust after a time and recent introduction to the outdoors, meows out to come home — something that all lost kitty owners wish their kitty would do!



After 6 days Router is home!!!!!!!!!! Here's a story to add to the many encouraging stories of cats returning home!

First of all, I want to send out a GREAT big thanks for this site. It was such a blessing — we would have been lost without it, and we would not have been doing any of the right things. Words cannot express how incredible grateful both me and my husband are for this site.

I hope you always know that you provide a priceless service. If ever you feel down or have a bad day, remember the immeasurable joy you have provided for all those you have helped unite with their lost cat, and the hope and comfort you provide to those in the process of searching. You kept our spirits up, and our hope alive and well as we worked on getting our Router back. Without you, we would have surely been in the darkest despair and fumbling in the dark as to how to get him back. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!

So, here's what happened. We started using a humane trap the second day of Router's disappearance. On the first night we caught a stray, who at a distance was a bit of a look-alike, though up close distinctly different. This was a blessing for this un-neutered Tom-boy. We took him in in order to get him neutered and named him Thomas. Today he was neutered, tests showed he is positive for FIV, but it looks like we may have found a home for him with a woman who already has an FIV positive cat. She's coming to visit and meet Thomas this weekend. Keep you fingers crossed.

The third night nothing in the trap.

The fourth night, a cat was in the trap. Don't know if a stray or an owned cat. We released her or him on the spot.

Fifth night caught a baby possum.

Sixth night caught a known neighborhood cat around 2:00 am. Around 5:00 am my husband got up to bring the trap in for the night. There was another known neighborhood cat in the trap. He released her, and using our two-way motorola let me know the news. Apparently Router then heard his voice, and mewed, a kind of plaintive distress mew, sounding like a cat calling to someone it knows. George called his name, and he responded — this time the mewing was a little closer. Closer and closer the mewing came, until Router appeared from the brambles and walked right up to George to be petted. He petted him a little, then grabbed him up and secured him inside the trap. As soon as I got the word over the 2-way radio, I burst into tears, and burst through the fence to where the trap was.

There was Router! Unbelievable joy!!

We carried him in, and when we brought him out found him to have lost a little weight, but looking glossy and healthy and no sign of injury. He ate with a hearty appetite and was affectionately greeted by his buddies Mr. Bill and Gus.

I had a great sense of unreality... but I am now starting to realize he's really here : ) He's so happy to be home. He purrs a lot (much more than he used to before his disappearance) but most of all he sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. Just what both George and I need to do now!!

For those of you still looking: I had a strong intuitive feeling on where Router would be hunkering down, and he appeared from that very area. We had been serving a kitty buffet there, and I am sure that helped root him to that area.

I can't recommend the trap enough. Though we did not catch Router in the trap, the trap still brought him back in my opinion. Had it not been for the trap, George would not have been out there at 5:00 am (we were both quite exhausted, and had gone to bed at 2:30 am, with very little sleep the last few nights). The trap made it mandatory to go out, and there was Router!!!

Also, trapping every night keeps the spirits up. We caught a cat we'd never ever seen before and a baby possum. We had never seen a possum here, and it just proved that just because you don't see an animal, does not mean it's not there.

Don't give up for lack of positive sightings. It was very discouraging to not know if Router was out there or not, but this site made us believe he WAS indeed close by, and sure enough he was. Even with the TERRIBLE noise of the 4th of July fireworks, going off right over his head, he still stayed put in the brambles. Don't ever, ever lose faith, and keep looking and trapping.

When our spirits were low, we kept reading the success stories on this site, so our seeds of doubt could never find ground to sprout into full grown weeds.

Recommendation for an excellent trap:

Little Giant, by Miller Manufacturing Inc
Phone: 651-365-3400
Get the LT4 size - 11 X 13 X 36 inches You are much better off not getting a smaller trap!!

Router is sleeping next to my chair in his kitty-cup. Life is good!!! Again, a million, trillion thanks.

Boel (pronounced Boo-el)

Hi Boel,

What a wonderful story of reunion. . .what a very brave kitty that Router meowed out! Echele and I are sooooo happy for you, Boel, your husband George AND Thomas! Thank you for sharing your story for others to learn from.

Hugs and hoping you have caught up on your sleep,

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