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Sunshine in the Woods
July 12 - August 3, 2003 — missing 22 days.
Complete Cover Sunshine is lost in an area teeming with foxes. This brave kitty finally makes it home after a few ingenious adjustments to the trapping routine.

What a huggable bundle of fur!

Because Sunshine had escaped once before three years ago and came to Barbara when she sat quietly in the woods behind their house, I kept on encouraging Barbara to sit quietly in the same woods in addition to trapping for this latest escape. Because the last positive sighting of Sunshine was of him running from a ridgetop back down into the woods, my guess was that even though there were foxes known to be living right in the woods, he probably still considered this area to be his Safe Spot.

Despite carting a big bowl of Sunshines favorite treat — spaghetti sauce! — into the woods and sitting quietly for 7 hours, trapping, flyering, etc nothing seemed to be bringing the golden snuggle bunny home. In the end it was making a few changes to the routine that brought him home. Just a few days prior to trapping him, a fox had been inadvertantly trapped (then relocated), the trap was hosed off, and the time of day for trapping was changed. The result? A successful trapping and a happy reunion for Sunshine and his family!

Wonderful news! My baby is finally home safe and sound after 22 days!

We were finally able to trap him -- right behind our house about 100 feet away in the woods. The advice and the profile for timid indoor-only cats was dead on. We kept getting reports of "sightings" quite a distance from our house, and we checked them out, of course, but I insisted that my husband keep setting a trap in the woods right behind our house. Sunshine finally "took the bait" of sardines around 7:00 p.m. Saturday evening - three weeks after he first got outside. I'm ecstatic of course to have my baby home, and he's been hanging close to Mommy purring and sleeping as close to me as he can get.

I think we had success, not only because we kept trapping, but because we had trapped a fox on Thursday night, which I had my husband "relocate" to an area several miles away -- with woods and a lake. I'm sure there are other foxes in our area, but this may have been the one whose territory was right behind our house and who had Sunshine so terrified. My husband had witnessed a fox chasing a cat on Wednesday night up in the cemetery behind our house -- just got a fleeting glimpse of the cat, which was yellow. It may have been Sunshine or another yellow stray that we've seen, but I truly think getting rid of that fox allowed Sunshine to finally breathe and get brave enough to come out to the trap Saturday evening.

Thanks everyone for the advice and support. I cannot say enough how grateful I am! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm a very happy woman!

Barbara (Sunshine's Very Happy Mommy)

. . .survives 22 days and nights in the woods. . .

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