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The Toulouse That Got Loose!
June 22 - July 1, 2003 — missing 9 days.
Suzanne captures her kitty by turning her basement into a trap!


"When Toulouse was first brought up out of the basement, he hissed and growled a lot. But, for him, that's not terribly unusual.. . .in the first few months we had him, we trained him to sit up and beg for sliced turkey, but he was so suspicious of us that he'd grumble and growl the entire time he was begging... hilarious, I tell you."


I talked about Toulouse finding a dry place to hide in my last message... guess what... he found our basement!!!

I just had this strong feeling that I needed to go look in the basement a little while ago, and lo and behold, there he was! I ran to shut and lock the outside door, and he dashed off into a hiding place. But, he's in there!!!

We're still not entirely out of the woods yet, as there are about a million kitty hiding places in our basement (our landlord stores so much junk down there). But, I've checked as thoroughly as I can, and I'm sure there's no way he can get out of the basement, other than the door I now have open into our part of the duplex. I moved the Feliways plug-in down to the basement, and put some canned food in the middle of the floor, and I'm going to give him a chance to calm down and come out again before I go back down there.

Thank you so, so much for all of the help. I'll let you know when we get him out of the basement... hopefully, it will be tonight!

— One very happy cat-mom Suzanne

Toulouse's kitty mate Satine

After Suzanne and her husband successfully captured their kitty Toulouse, here is what the vet had to say:

The vet found nothing wrong with Toulouse, with one exception. She said that if he lost any weight while he was gone, it was a good thing, because both cats are actually a little chunky. So, Toulouse was in no danger of wasting away in the week he was gone.

— Suzanne

To learn more about the "basement-as-trap" technique go to the House Trap section. You can also read the details of Suzanne and Toulouse's story here.


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