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Vinnie the Escape Artist
July 9 - July 18, 2003 — missing 9 days.

Inbetweenie: totally confident inside his home, but scaredy-cat mode when this silly indoor-only escapes yet again!

Vinnie (left) and his look-a-like sidekick, Roscoe!
Such a handsome guy. ..every time someone sends me a photo of their lost kitty, I fall in love with it
and am SURE each one must be THE most beautiful, smartest, and most wonderful cat in the world.

Jennifer and Tony's cat, Vinnie, has always been a friendly and outgoing guy inside the house, but with an unfortunate penchant for trying to escape to the outdoors. Once outdoors, though, he turns into a very unhappy and scared cat. This last escape (is it number 4 or 5?) did not bring him home as quickly as the other excursions so Jennifer and Tony were getting worried.. .in the end, it was a trap that brought this silly character back home.

OH MY GOD, Tony found Vinnie this morning!

Here's what happened. We had only kept the trap that we rented on our front porch. We put it out on Saturday and almost caught the neighbor's cat (we scared him away)--but nothing else.

Last night I went and bought another trap since the rental is due back on Saturday. (And for the cost difference, I might recommend buying a trap--the rental was $30 and the trap was $41!) Since I was starting to think that it was more likely that Vinnie was in the woods, --and Tony was hesitant to move the front porch trap---We thought it would be a good idea to at least have a few days with two traps, one in the back of the condo and one in the front.

As soon as I came over Tony's house with the trap, two neighbors came by, one to see if we found Vinnie and the other to say he just saw a black cat in the yard and he ran behind the condos.

It was dusk and we ran outside to try to find him--and we saw nothing.....

So we put the new trap in the back of the condo with some dry food (Tony went out and got Vinnie's favorite).

Last night I dreamt that we would find Vinnie TODAY, I felt so calm and certain that it was going to be a day with good news! But before I could call Tony and tell him.......

Tony called me on my way to work and Vinnie was in the trap this morning! The bad new was, the automatic sprinklers went off on him (we did not even think about that). So he had a bit of a bath.

He has lost a little weight (he was a little pudgy before) and has a small scratch on his head (probably from sneaking around)....but we made a vet appointment for him to get everything checked out. Since I was on my way to work, Tony let me hear Vinnie purrr on the phone...I could not stop crying.

Pauline, I can't thank you enough for all of your advice and for this great website, had it not been for me reading your advice to everyone--I never would have thought to use a humane animal trap to catch Vinnie--and we would have gone about things all wrong!

Also, we were totally concentrating on the front of the condos and not the back. It goes to show you that moving the traps and trying different places is essential. We would have thought that Vinnie would have gone to the front porch---but we were wrong--because he was too afraid of the cars and people around.

Tonight we are going to post a NEW flyer in the neighborhood, thanking everyone for their help and letting them know that Vinnie is safe and home!!!

My advice to Willow's parents is to keep moving the traps and do not give up hope. Your darling kitty is out there! We'll keep you in our prayers.

Thanks again Pauline.

I'll post again after we bring Vinnie to the vet!
Warmest Regards from
A Very Ecstatic, Jennifer, Tony

Vinnie's mate Kira doing the catnip thang

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