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What can you do with your old laminated stage passes? Well, you could always scan them and put them on your website.

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Terry, Bill and the engineer at Caribou Ranch. Rob Moitoza in back, 1977.

This image was created for a concert poster (I believe) from a concert in Oklahoma.

Geoff plays sax at Winterland, 1977

Tamara Champlin fronts the Sons at the Fillmore, 1985.

James hits the pad at Caribou Ranch

Geoffrey relaxes with a $50 bottle of wine during a playback.

James boogies to a playback.

Tom Saviano, Tal Morris, Mic Gillette, Dave Schallock and Bill Champlin at the Crest Theater, Sacramento, January 2002

 Photo by Antonia Goldstein

What if they gave a gig and nobody came? The ticket would look like this.

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