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Red Hot Pokers
Greenhouse and organic gardens looking through apple trees, May 2009.
Garden Trees
Red Hot Pokers along a garden path.
Greenhouse and gardens
By summer the flowers are tall around the circular gardens.
Greens and vegetables grow in the greenhouse year round.

Jack | The Terrace | Mark
Once a blackberry jungle along the stream. Jack beat it back. Mark sculpted the terrace with stones and art.
Big Barn | Greenhouse | Spirit Lodge | Hottub
Hot tub, Spirit Lodge and Sauna
A wood fired hot tub and cedar sweat lodge under a large cedar tree.
The Spirit Lodge for gatherings. Sauna and outdoor showers overlook the terrace.
 Garden Shed | Ellen
Garden Shed
The Ellen Turner Garden Shed. All the tools for home improvement in their own stylin' house.
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