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My association with music, and the music industry, is life-long and ongoing. My parents were both musical, and my dad has performed professionally for his entire life. With that kind of exposure, I guess it was natural for me to absorb a bit, and move in that direction myself. As Shawn Colvin sings ... "If there were no music, then I would not get through."


My Father's Music - Recalling the life and times of my #1 musical hero

My Music Education

Music Performance

Brass - Trumpet & French Horn - 1960 - 1972
Bass - 1966 to present

Minor Bloom
Wichita Flash


Electronic music - 1968 to present

ISU Music 490 projects
The Paia Demos

Current Projects

Music Engineering

Early experiments and projects
Headway Sound Systems
Paia Electronics ( John Simonton memorial here )
Waves electronic music services
Other manufacturers


Music Industry & Publishing

Polyphony Publishing

Other Publications

NAMM 2003 photos
NAMM 2004 photos
NAMM 2005 - Oral History Project interview

A short clip from my interview is currently posted on the NAMM site here.

NAMM 2006 photos

NAMM 2006 Memorial photos here.


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