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My current gear list is here. I usually always keep service and maintenance documentation for my gear. So, let me know if anyone needs manuals, upgraders, editors and stuff for any of the synths I have. I probably have it. And will post them, if interest exists.

I am also working on SoundDiver editors for several machines I use heavily and wish online editing for: the Doepfer MAQ16/3, MCV-24, and E-Mu LaunchPad. I love those boxes, but despise editing them all the time. If I get those workable, I'll post them here. Could also post patch libs for various synths if there is interest.

ARP Sequencer documents in the Archives here.


Synth DIY Projects

I have boxes full of technical materials from past synthesizer designs, modifications and repairs to popular commercial synths, as well as current designs and projects. Over time, I hope to get much of that translated to the web, and put up here for all to use.

SlimLine Synth Racks - a flexible solution to modular synth racking using Ultimate's ThinkerToys (or equivalent)

Frac Ear Projects - a variety of useful enhancements for the wide open spaces of Frac systems - new added 3/22/11



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