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Here are some miscellaneous goodies from yester-year ... some artist related, some gear related, some studio shots ... whatever I happen to dig up in my personal archives as I'm diggin around. Over time, there will be photos, MP3s, PDFs, and so on in this area.

new Check out the amazing 1969 prototype of the Parasound String Controlled Synth - the very first guitar controller for synths! We are seeking museums or collectors interested in this very unique piece.

Larry Fast and Synergy ...

Fast in Chicago  Synergy Studios 

Synth & Studio Docs Archive ... new updated 2/15/13



The Current Studio ... new updated 11/25/10



The Current Gear List

Publications and press coverage ...



Paia Memories ...


 John Simonton

Paia Documents ... new updated 4/20/12

1550 Cover

4783 cover

The Oklahoma City studio, around 1978 ...



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