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Internet News and Culture

The Social Web / Web 2.0

Many of these sites fall into the amorphous category known as Web 2.0 — sites that allow more user interactivity, commenting, tagging, networking, collaboration, etc.

Internet Demographics

Personal Effects

    43 Folders:

    The name comes from the 43 folders one would need to make a tickler file with one folder for each of the 31 days of the month plus the 12 months of the year

  • 43 Folders - Blog on life hacks, both for personal productivity and using computers
  • 43 Folders Wiki - The collective knowledge of the 43 Folders fanbase
  • Getting Things Done - 43 Folders' take on the book and its methods

    43 Things, Places:

    Not related to 43 Folders above

  • 43 Things - List 43 things you want to do in your life, read others' lists, offer them encouragement
  • 43 Places - Same idea: 43 places you'd like to go


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Future of the 'Net

Internet Hoaxes

Internet Scams and Spam

The anti-social Web.

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