RSS: What it is, Where to get it,
How to make it, How to use it

If you find yourself going to multiple Web sites every day checking for updated news, Blogs, and other content, RSS can make your life easier. If your favorite sites make their content available as "RSS feeds" — and thousands of sites do — you can check them all at once using an aggregator.

If you have your own Web site, you can publish an RSS feed or republish other sites' feeds. Because it is an application of XML, news items from RSS feeds (or channels) can be sliced and diced easily. (RSS might stand for "Really Simple Syndication," "Rich Site Summary," or "RDF Site Summary." Don't worry about that, though.)

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Introduction: What is RSS?

Where to Find RSS Feeds

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How to Read RSS Feeds

How to Publish Your RSS Feed

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  • Blog software. Some programs will produce an RSS file of your blog

How to Use Syndicated RSS Feeds on Your Web Site

More About RSS (and Atom)

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