Library Anecdotes, Facetiae, Satire, etc.

For those of you who are younger librarians, or perhaps non-catalogers: "Anecdotes, facetiae, satire, etc." was a standard subdivision for Library of Congress subject headings. Alas, they've since replaced it with subheadings like "Humor." (Example)

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Etc. 1: Librarians — Classification

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Etc. 2: Librarians — Biography

    Sanford Berman1:

    Radical cataloger2 and an inspiration to a generation of librarians. The Sanford Berman Website is a great compilation of writings by and about Sandy. (Note: Links are hidden, but you can see them with a "view source" command.)

    1. Not being a big fan of the Internet, Sandy doesn't have his own Web page, but the Sanford Berman Website has everything you could want. (Note: Links are hidden, but you can see them with a "view source" command.)
    2. If you think "radical cataloger" is an oxymoron, read this article — Sandy Berman's Last Stand — about how he has fought for his beliefs
    3. Festschrift is a word catalogers love. It means a collection of writings to honor someone on a significant occasion, like retirement or a major birthday. Filing indicators are less interesting

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